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Trial of the Crusader Part 2 + Some Best in Slot Gear

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | posted in , | 1 comments

Barb of Tarasque

Last we we covered a few of the items you should be aiming for in Trial of the Crusader 10 man. this week we will cover the 25 man version and the loot elemental shamans should be looking to acquire. This 25 man instance will drop some Best in Slot Elemental or BiS gear so if you are looking to upgrade your Ulduar gear this is the instance for you. Hopefully you guild has been able to get through Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus and if you were lucky a few elemental items have dropped. With today's maintenace Factions Champions should be released. I am really looking forward to that fight and I was lucky enough to grab Pauldrons of the Spirit Walker off Northrend Beasts last week.YEAH!!!

This 25 man instance drops a dagger that every Elemental Shaman must try to get their hands on. The Barb of Tarasque is BiS until your guild can start working on Heroic 25 man Trial of the Crusader. With 621 spell power, 45 hit rating, 58 haste rating and no spirit at all make this the perfect dps caster weapon. Also because of the lack of spirit we should not have to fight against healers for the dagger.

OK now that we are done drooling over that dagger lets look at the rest of the 25 man loot.

Suffering's End - Alternative to the dagger if you like to use a mace. But still an awesome weapon!!!

Bastion of Resolve - Another BiS item until you can run the Heroic mode.

Sabatons of Tremoring Earth - BiS boot for you elemental shaman.

Shroud of Displacement - BiS cloak again until Heroic mode.

Drape of the Refreshing Winds - A nice cloak but not as good as the Shroud of displacement beacuse of the spirit on it.

Circle of the Darkmender - Not exactly an elemental ring but still worth mentioning.

Lurid Manifestation - Very nice ring with some Crit Rating on it.

Cry of the Valkyr - An awesome necklace with great itemization for elementals shamans.

Reign of the Dead - Trinket with 150 spell power and a proc like the Lightning Capacitor. I am going to do some research on this trinket to really see how much dps it can provide, but i am sure is has some limitations.

Well that wraps up with week's review of the 25 man Trial of Champions loot. With all the Best in Slot loot and 4 additional pieces of mail armor to throw in the mix this raid should be keeping everyone very busy for a while. Next week I will review Trail of the Champions 10 man Heroic raid and discuss the loot upgrades you should be really looking to get and the ones not to waste DKP or a roll on.

If I missed an item that you think should be on the list please leave a comment below and I will update the list.

on November 4, 2009 at 12:07 AM  

May i point out the leather pants off Anub?
While they are indeed leather, The stats on them are exactly what we need.


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