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Shaman 3.2 Early Review

Saturday, August 8, 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

Not that the patch is a few days old I took a couple on minutes to reflect on some of the changes to the emblem system. It looks like farming for emblems has truly brought the player base back to running heroics like Blizzard intended. It will be very easy to gear out your shaman with this new system. I read that you could farm 53 emblems in a single day farming all of the heroics. Those emblems will allow you to grab 2 pieces of Tier 8.5 gear and fill some needed slots.

Keep in mind you can change out Emblems of Conquest for the other emblems since these are the only emblems that drop now. Also the daily heroic quest rewards is 2 emblems of triumph which can be used to get your hands on the new Tier 9 gear. I will cover this new set and when you should start using to maximize dps in a later post.

Some of the items you should grab are:

Breastplate of the Wayward Protector

Crown of the Wayward Protector

Evoker's Charm

Band of Channeled Magic

Totem of Hex

Sundial of the Exiled

Of course there are many more useful items on the vendors and with a little effort you can start building your elemental set pretty easy this way. One of the best things about playing a hybrid is it will be easy to get into a heroic farming group with our ability to fulfill 2 roles, dps or heals so start farming.

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