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A Dwarf Shaman???

Sunday, August 16, 2009 | posted in | 1 comments

With more information about WoW's next expansion Cataclysm coming out from MMO Champion data miners we have learned Alliance faction players will probably be able to roll a dwarf shaman. This is good news for Alliance players who do not like the looks of spacegoat shamans. Now this has not been confirmed yet so it may change but I like the idea of a dwarf shaman. It seems to make sense the the dwarfs would have shamans as a class.

Currently shaman players are limited to a few Races. You can be a Tauren, Troll, Orc or Draenei. It would be pretty cool with the supposed Faction changes being introduced to take you Horde Tauren Shaman and convert him into an Alliance Dwarf Shaman.

The list of new playable classes/races for MMO follows:

Dwarf Shaman

Dwarf Mage

Orc Mage

Night Elf Mage

Human Hunter

Undead Hunter

Blood Elf Warrior

Tauren Paladin

Tauren Priest

Gnome Priest

Troll Druid

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