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3.2 Patch Day and You

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | posted in | 1 comments

So Patch day is here and I want to know what will be the first things you do when the servers come up? Obviously we will all set up our new totem bars, but then what? Head to the new Crusader's Coliseum instance, run the dailys to get your first Triumph Badges, start working on the profession changes, get epic flying on every alt you have, or just stand in Daralan not knowing where to start???

It really doesn't matter what your cup of tea is, with so many changes to Azeroth this patch there will be plenty to keep us busy. It also got me thinking do you like that the patch are coming out more frequently now? I personally love the fact the Blizzard is keeping the game fresh with the release of new content and for Elemental Shamans we actually have a few pieces of loot with the correct itemization this patch.

This patch does not make any major changes to elementals but I am happy for the resto changes and I think it will make off spec healing more appealing to some who just love to blow stuff up. Remember one of the best things about being a hybrid class is you can fill 2 rolls for heroics so getting a group for the dailys shouldn't be a problem. EASY BADGES!!!

I know our guild will still be raiding Ulduar each week until we bring down yogg 25, currently stuck in phase 3 over and over :( I think we should get him this week and then start working on the new instance I hope. Well g'luck to my fellow shamans as we head out into 3.2 and hopefully we will see a few buffs for 3.3 in the future.

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