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Congrats to Method

Monday, August 10, 2009 | posted in , | 0 comments

I just wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate my guild Method of Hakkar(US) on their first Yogg-Saron Heroic kill. Even tho the patch has come with a little nerf to Yogg the fight still retains the majority of the elements that make the fight a challenge for raiding guilds.

As an elemental shaman this fight does allow us to show off some dps. The movement factor of this encounter is not as bad as some of the others in Ulduar. Phase 1 requires very little movement depending on the startegy you use. Phase 2 can be tough unless you get Crushers spawning on top of each other. But Phase 3 is where we can really shine. If you set up right behind you MT and drop your fire elemental followed up by a heavy dose of Magma Totems you can really do some strong dps in phase 3. I pulled 5.8k for the entire encounter which is respectable for Yogg.

Again congrats to Method!!!

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