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Thursday, July 23, 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

I having been reading quite a few blogs this week while on vacation and decided after searching for Shaman blogs and specifically Elemental blogs that I wanted to add my take on the class.

First let me say I do not consider myself some kind of Shaman expert or a know it all. But I do know my class very well and consider the Shaman one of the more difficult caster dps classes to play if you are attempting to staying competitive on the dps charts.

I play a 80 Shaman on the Hakkar server in the guild Method. We have downed Yogg in 10 man and are 12/14 25 man. Currentlly working on Yogg and doing our hard modes to unlock Algalon.

I will try to provide insight into the Shaman class by covering specs, rotations, gear and discussions on what changes Blizzard makes positive or negative.

Please let comments as I would the the input from my readers.

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